Computer sales and service


Workers are no longer chained to their desktop computers. There is now a greater range of computing solutions that can fit a greater range of needs. For the casual user who’s often on the road there are smartphones. With data pulled from Verizon’s towers, a smartphone can access the Internet throughout most of the Olympic Peninsula. Users can keep in touch with the office and clients, and do some work using applications.

Even in our mobile age, workers often need the power and convenience of a full desktop system. Pacific Office Equipment works with you to build a system that suits your needs.

Between phones and desktops is the tablet. The market for tablets is growing quickly. Tablet computers can also connect to the Internet through Verizon, allowing users to communicate and work on apps. But tablets allow for larger workspace than phones, can be set up with keyboard, mouse and larger screen, and can even connect to a desktop through a remote session.


Computer Repair

As computers become more integrated into our daily lives, their breakdowns have a greater impact on our business and personal environments. Pacific Office Equipment has a technical support team ready to help with your computer problems: hardware, software, virus, broken screens, network problems, upgrades or even juice spilled on laptop keyboards.

Our team is expert at virus removal. Malware, spyware, Trojans, worms or the modern, crippling ransomware. We can remove and often improve the security of your system.

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Introducing POE CARES, computer repair for just $25 a month.

For a monthly fee, with plans starting at just $25 a month, Pacific Office Equipment’s computer technicians will fix unlimited problems with your Windows computer, including viruses, malware, hardware malfunctions and software problems. As part of the POE CARES program we will make house calls for a $35 incident fee. POE CARES even includes upgrading your computer, getting more life out of your investment. The $25 a month also includes virus protection. POE Computer Assessment, Repair and Enhancement Services… ensuring peace of mind.

(Fine print: Monthly fee of $25 a month for carry-in computers with one year contract. On-site and server options available. Fees for labor only; does not include cost of software or parts. Please ask to see our terms of service.)

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Computer Sales

Whether you need a tablet, a single personal computer or a robust, business-oriented computer network, Pacific Office Equipment has the solutions you need. POE is an authorized reseller of the Lenevo Thinkpad brands of both Windows computers and Android tablets. Our sales staff is happy to answer your questions and find the computer system to fit your needs.

POE carries a wide range of computer accessories: ethernet cables, routers, mice, keyboards, USB hubs and cables, thumb drives, CD-R and DVD-R, speakers, headphones, UPS backup systems, surge protectors, external hard drives and much more.

Pacific Office Equipment also stocks printers from Canon and Epson brands. Some printers are multi-function, combining printing, scanning, faxing and more into one system. Some have wireless capability, allowing you to print to the office from the road, either by laptop or smartphone.



If you need something larger than a phone but smaller than a computer, consider a tablet..

Tablets are ideal for mobile solutions with more oomph. The larger screen allows for easier reading of important documents. They come with built-in WiFi for easy web browsing, email and message solutions. Like phones, there are wide variety of apps available for play or productivity.

While tablets aren’t full computers, you don’t have to make many sacrifices to own a tablet. Lenovo tablets have USB ports, allowing you to plug in a mouse and a keyboard. They have an HDMI output so you can plug the tablet into most HDTVs and get a far larger screen, or a presentation if you’d like. It can even, if you allow it, create a tunnel to your stationary desktop, re-creating your full workplace computer inside a virtual environment.

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Data Backup

Keep your important data safe with Pacific Office Equipment. Protect important documents, spreadsheets, family photos, financial data and more starting at $10 a month. POE has off-site, redundant servers for data storage and recovery. Backup 100 gigabytes on our servers, with many service and monitoring options available.


Cloud Technology

The latest trend in computing is “the cloud”. Rather than locking all data into one machine, the data is in a server off-site, floating above computers in a “cloud”.

Pacific Office Equipment can help your business migrate to the cloud. We have on-site, redundant servers for data storage and recovery. Our Verizon representative can show you how to integrate a smartphone into the cloud.


Virtual Computing

POE now offers virtual computing. Users log on to a dumb machine, with data being transferred back and forth between the user and POE’s servers. Much of the processing power is handled by POE, saving costs as computer don’t have to be state-of-the-art. Data backup and recovery becomes simplified for the user, and viruses can easily be rolled back on POE’s side. Further, users aren’t chained to one computer; any computer can become “their” computer. Cost, peace of mind on data recovery and virus protection and mobility are a few of the reasons to choose a virtual desktop environment from POE.

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