Scanners, scanning, document management


Pacific Office Equipment has a variety of solutions for your scanning needs.

We can order the traditional flatbed scanner. We stock Canon Multi-Function Devices; that is, printer, copiers, and scanner combos. POE carries a line of Canon copiers, with scanning features built in with many other features. And we also have machines dedicated to high-volume scanning.


Traditional Scanners & MFD

The traditional scanner is still alive and well. Grab a sheet of paper, put it down on a flatbed scanner, zap the image into your computer, print to your printer.

If you have a small office with limited space, consider an MFD (Multi-Function Device). MFDs combine a printer, copier, and scanner into one convenient unit.

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Network Scanners

If you need a truly productive scanning device, Pacific Office Equipment carries Canon’s Network Scanners. With rapid-fire top-feeder dedicated scanning, these scanners are taking document scanning to an entirely new level.



The next step up is a copy machine. Pacific Office Equipment is a proud reseller of Canon copiers. Canon copiers of all sizes can scan in documents, on the glass or a top-feeder. Copiers can scan up to 11x17 documents, a feature rarely found in traditional scanners. As well, some of the ImageRunner Advance line can store scanned documents within an internal hard drive rather than across network computers.


Software Solutions

Once scanned in, you need to do a little document management to keep things in order. Pacific Office Equipment has a couple solutions for keeping track of documents. Engineered for high-volume jobs, Canon’s ImageWARE  software can capture, manage and distribute diverse content to and from virtually anywhere.

Another software solution is to OCR your scanned images. OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. The OCR software will try to Recognize a Character within an image. If it does, it can convert the scanned image into a Word document, meaning you can edit the scanned document as you would one you created from scratch.

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