Canon and Epson printers, multifunction, scanners, ink, toner, networking, computer and more

Pacific Office Equipment stocks printers and scanners from the Canon and Epson brands. We carry a range of models in our showroom with many others a quick order away. We also stock ink for printers and can service most brands of printers.

Besides traditional printers, there are two options for printers. The first is a wireless printer, allowing the printer to nest into a home network without running wires across the house.

Printers today can handle much more than printing. These all in one printers, or multifunction devices, combine printing, faxing, scanning and more into one convenient system.

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Pacific Office Equipment carries a wide range of printer ink. We stock popular inks for HP printers and laser copiers, Epson printers, Canon printers and laser copiers and Brother printers and laser copiers. If we don’t have it in stock we’ll be happy to order it, usually getting the ink next day.


Networking Gear

If you have multiple computers using the same printer, then Pacific Office Equipment has all the equipment you need to set up a home network. We carry Netgear routers, wireless routers, switches, cables and much more. If you need help setting up a network, Pacific Office Equipment has a technical staff that can visit on site and set up your network, home or office. We can also help install printer drivers onto your computer.


Wide Format Printers

These printers use inkjet technology to print on a variety of output, including premium glossy-coated paper for signs and posters, regular bond for maps and plots, medium bond for signs and posters or premium glossy-coated paper for art and photography reproductions.


Laser Printers

If you find yourself doing more printing than your inkjet can handle, consider stepping up to a laser printer. Copy machines use laser technology, but so do smaller, desk-sized laser printers. Laser printers come in small printer formats or mid-sized multi-function styles, capable of scanning, copying and printing.

Laser printers and toner often have a higher upfront cost, but they tend to be cheaper over the long haul.

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