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What is POS? P.O.S. stands for Point of Sale. It can be a cash register or a networked computer system; it can do simple tracking of sales or fully itemized receipts. It is the heart of a commerce center.


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Computer Point of Sale

While the cash register is still the heart of retail sales, there are other solutions on the market. Computer POS systems integrate accessories onto a standard computer, such as a cash drawer, touch screen, barcode reader and credit card machine.


Intuit QuickBooks

Pacific Office Equipment carries the Intuit QuickBooks line of POS software. QuickBooks has been a trusted name in computer accounting programs for years. Their line of Point of Sale software gives users the ability to easily ring in sales and track inventory and history. It also ties in into QuickBooks accounting programs for easier inventory control.


Barcode Scanners

Pacific Office Equipment has the accessories needed for your Point of Sale system. Barcode scanners, cash drawers, even credit card readers can be sold with or without a POS system.



Of course, the more computer-assisted devices you throw into the mix, the more complex the network becomes. Pacific Office Equipment has the technical support team to wire, configure and maintain a computer network. We also have a backup program to save your important data in a safe, secure offsite storage. If anything happens to your computer, your data is protected.


Thermal Paper, Register Paper, Ink and More

Pacific Office Equipment keeps stock of the essential Point of Sale supplies. Thermal paper for your credit card machine, register paper for your cash register, ink for your register or printer. Pacific Office Equipment also has free delivery service on the North Olympic Peninsula.

Contact POE sales at 360-417-3600 or sales@poeinc.com