"Competitors may approximate your products, replicate your services, and even install the same leading-edge technologies that you use, but they cannot duplicate your people. Fact is, its workforce is the only truly sustainable competitive advantage any business has."


Pacific Office Equipment

Founded 1965

Pacific Office Equipment began in 1965. It has grown steadily in the years. In 2007 POE moved from its long-time home at 402 E 8th to its newly constructed showhouse a half block west at 314 E 8th.


Tom Baermann

President / CEO

With POE since 1981

Our fearless leader, the new Captain Frenzy, rider of the Bat pole and singer of Elvis songs.


Betty Graf

Lead Customer Service Agent and the face of POE

With POE since 1987

The epitome of grace and hospitality. She is the ruler by which we all measure our Customer Relations skill. She is a treasure. Precious stones may sparkle but Betty makes us all shine.


Michelle Kennedy

Accounting Manager and Queen of Sheba

With POE since 2001,

and from 1991 to 1998

She grants wishes and heals the sick, pandas have an idol to her worship and sacrifice jean jackets to her effigy.


Jered Reynolds

General Manager

With POE since 1994

We didn't think that Jered would make it. He has been launched off of the roof, tossed from a moving van and unceramoniously heaved through a window. Tom actually took him out on a boat and made him walk the plank. He is the bad penny that just keeps coming back.... so we promoted him. Sometimes you can't fight fate.


John Naples

Copier Service Manager and Trainer

With POE since 1991

Amateur golfer of mixed success and divot installation expert. His favorite saying is, "Fishing is for people who can't golf." John does have a hook that could catch salmon.


Joe Nickles

Copier Tech

With POE since 2010,

and from1989 to 2005

Joe's interests include dining out, long walks on the beach and WWII-era Jeep wrangling. If elected Miss Universe, he will strive to make the world a better place by promoting World Peace.


Dawn Reynolds

Contract Administrator and Accounts Payable Representative

With POE since 1998

We rely on her more than we should but we can't help it. She is a real "Get It Done" girl. That is why we have securely glued her to her desk chair. She fought quite a bit when we first did it but now, even though she yells at everyone who walks by her door, I think she understands why we can't let her leave.


Carissa Blank

Customer Service

With POE since 2000

She is a chameleon. There is nothing she can't do including change color to match whatever is behind her. She has worked here since she got her driver's license fulfilling every customer service role in the place.


Derrick Dickinson

Outside Sales Specialist

With POE since 2002

Derrick was born and raised in Port Angeles and is a graduate with Electronics Honors from PAHS. Derrick began working at Pacific Office Equipment in the IT department, then as our cellular representative, and finally as one of our outside sales representatives.


Charles Morley

Customer Service / Marketing

With POE since 2010,

and from 2004-2009

Charles was the graphic designer at POE’s Copies Plus location, working on signs, business cards, menus and whatever else came along. When Copies Plus closed he started at Pacific Office Equipment at one of the front desks. One of the least social people around, he manages POE’s social media sites.


Walter Barber

Furniture, Handyman, Deliveries, Misc

With POE since 2007

Walter is a Jack of All Trades. We don't know what we would do with out him but we are sure it would involve lots of duct tape and a Swiss army knife.


Thomas Skerbeck


With POE since 2007

We are so glad to have Thomas. He is an office favorite and we hope that he can find a good hiding spot next thanksgiving.


Nick Wright


With POE since 2011

And from 2005 to 2008

Nick is on our sales team, specializing in computers, networking, small printers and furniture. He has lived in Port Angeles for the last 13 years. He enjoys following the Seahawks and spending time with his golden retriever McKenna.


Steve Baermann

Copier Technician / Deliveries

With POE since 2014

Steve Baermann is POE's official solutions facilitator.


Greg Jones

IT Technician

With POE since 2014

Hailing from the sunny climes of Coeur d'Alene, Greg moved to Port Angeles and became our lead IT Technician. Greg specializes in networking.


Diego Garcia

Copier Technician

With POE since 2018

Diego is our east-end copier technician, serving Sequim, Port Townsend, Port Ludlow, Port Hadlock, Chimacum and other areas.


Chris Calhoun


With POE since 2018

Chris is our new dispatcher for Copier and Computer Technicians.


Marnae Flores

Outside Sales

With POE since 2018

Marnae is our new Outside Sales Rep.


Becky Harriman

Customer Service

With POE since 2019

Becky is one of our front counter customer service reps


Will Miller

Purchasing / Parts

With POE since 2019

Will handles shipping, receiving, inventory, merchandising, and a whatever other inventory type thing that comes along.


Tyler Slater

IT Technician

With POE since 2019

Tyler is our newest IT technician, doing both benchwork and outside calls.


Chasen Sullivan

Copier Technician

With POE since 2019

Chasen is our copier shop technician.


Tyler Romero

Copier Technician

With POE since 2019

Tyler is our newest copier technician.


Jeremiah Powless

IT Technician

With POE since 2019

Jeremiah is out IT bench technician.


POE Pups


McKenna Wright

Vice-President Customer Relations


Mac Baermann

Future CEO of POE (in training)


Molly Reynolds

Kitchen Duty


Nala Flores

Assistant Vice-Chief of Online Web Sales


In Memoriam


Tony Breen



John Stretch

Copier Technician

With POE from 1999 to 2010


Rick Scott

Copier Technician

With POE from 2004 to 2011


Terry Randall

Printer, Typewriter Technician

With POE from 1999 to 2015