Pacific Office Equipment Data Backup Plans

Why Backup Data?

Today’s businesses and homes are relying on digital files more and more. Consolidating files onto one hard drive has many advantages, but also leaves data vulnerable to disasters such as fires, theft or simple hard drive failures.

Pacific Office Equipment has partnered with Olypen to offers online data backup and data recovery solutions. Your files are automatically backed up to our off-site, redundant servers. If your data is lost at office, home or phone, recovery of data becomes much easier.


$10.00 / month   

Up to 100 GB of data, self-managed.

$25.00 / month   

Up to 100 GB of data, monitored by POE.

$75.00 / month   

Up to 100 GB of data, monitored & serviced by POE.

$10.00 / month   

Each additional 100 GB.

(Rates good as of June, 2012. Subject to change.)

Contact POE service at 360-417-3600 or

How to Backup Data

Pacific Office Equipment’s data backup service, called PnP Backup, is easy to use. POE’s computer technicians install a small program, based on Syncrify technology, onto your Windows, Apple or Linux computer. That program monitors files and uploads any changed files to our secure servers… The online backup is automatic and easy, allowing you to continue working without worry.

Getting started takes a simple call to Pacific Office Equipment at 360-417-3600 or email