Click here  to request a service call for your copier

Click here to request a service call for your copier

Click here  to request a consultation to find the copier to fit your needs

Click here to request a consultation to find the copier to fit your needs

Small and large business copier sales and service

Today’s copier machines go far beyond simply making copies. They can handle advanced digital imaging, binding and scanning.

Modern copiers can scan directly to a computer or e-mail. Advanced systems can even store documents for the entire company, becoming a sort of localized “cloud” storage.

Many feature collating, stapling, punching and advanced image manipulation.

Pacific Office Equipment is an authorized reseller of Canon copiers, with copiers to fit every need: from business copiers with full digital scanning and printing capabilities; to large-scale plotters; even to small, desktop copiers that simply make photocopies.

Copier Sales

There is no one size fits all for copier needs. Large businesses often have several copiers within a multi-room, and possibly multi-building, computer network. Medium-size businesses may have a single copier connected to a smaller network. Home office may need only a single, multi-function desktop copier.

Systems may need a feeder to copy multiple sheets, or a flatbed single-sheet system may work. It may need to collate and staple documents. Businesses may require a copier that scans and e-mails documents, or that also functions as a fax machine.

There are a lot of variables to choosing a copier that suits your needs now and in the future. Pacific Office Equipment’s sale staff can help you find the digital imaging system that works for you.


Copier Repair

Pacific Office Equipment has the largest copier repair staff on the Olympic Peninsula. We have a service area from Port Townsend to Forks and a bit beyond. POE has been in business since 1965, and our repair technicians have hundreds of combined years of experience and training.

We service copiers, printers, fax machines, phone systems, computers, laptops, servers, networks, shredders, bursters, cash registers, calculators, typewriters, plotters and almost any other type of office machine. We have the personnel to be the source for all of your office equipment repair needs.


Copier Lease and Rentals

Pacific Office Equipment provides all-inclusive contracts for almost every product we sell. Some of the eligible products are computers, copiers, networks, phone systems, point of sale, and printers. We can provide the right contract to meet your needs.

Service agreements can make maintaining your equipment more affordable by replacing large, individual bills with a budgetable, consistent payment. A service agreement also makes it easy to keep your machines operating at their best by making service proactive.



Pacific Office Equipment carries a wide selection of copier toner. We have toner for Canon copiers, HP copiers, Brother copiers, as well as ink for HP printers, Epson printers and Canon printers. Give us a call at 360-417-3600 if you’d like to check availability.

If we don’t have it in stock, we can often get it ordered next day for you.

We have delivery service across the Olympic Peninsula. If you can’t make it to Port Angeles, please let us know. We’d be happy to find a delivery solution.


Toner Scammers

It seems like we get calls daily from customers asking questions about scammers calling them, some have been taken and some have avoided being taken. There are 2 important things to know.

1) Most of our copier service contracts include toner at no additional cost. Feel free to call us at 417-3600 if you have any questions about what is included in your specific service contract.

2) According to the FTC, companies are not required to pay for unordered supplies nor are they required to return them - unordered supplies may be treated as a gift.

Links to more info: - Supplies Surprise

FTC - How to Avoid Office Supply Scams

FTC - 5 Steps to Avoiding Office Supply Scams

Better Business Bureau - Scams Aimed at Business


Fully Accesorizable

Canon copiers can be expanded as much (or as little) as you want.

Shown, the Canon ImageRunner Advance 5500 series, with accessories.

Shown, the Canon ImageRunner Advance 5500 series, with accessories.


Document Center Solutions

If you want to really deck out your copier, POE has solutions for that as well.