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Point of Sale (POS)


An Electronic Cash Register or Point Of Sale system is comprised of the hardware and software used for processing, calculating, and recording “checkout” transactions (sales transactions). The cash register was introduced as a mechanical device to separate the sales made from the different areas or “departments” of the store. Over time, it has evolved into a major tool of any retail or hospitality establishment, with the ability to process all types of sales. An ECR/POS system is essentially a database in a box, with the ability to be programmed to meet the needs of almost any business. Programmability allows for more control, creativity and customization and may be performed at the ECR/POS system or via a PC using optional back office software. POS Systems may be integrated with industry standard devices such as scales, scanners, coin dispensers, drink dispenser, printers, video, gasoline pumps, modems, and computers. ECR/POS systems are capable of processing electronic payments (credit, debit, check, gift card & EBT).

Some systems include fully integrated software and functionality such as accounting, inventory management, open to buy forecasting, customer relations management (Frequent Buyer/ Loyalty Programs), age verification, service management, and payroll just to name a few. The once lowly mechanical register is now a vital part of the electronic Retail Age.