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What is MEAP?

MEAP is an applications development platform that allows the creation of embedded applications for Canon's multi-functional peripheral devices (MFP's). Custom applications can be created to execute on the devise itself. Developers can create JAVA applications that can then be installed and run on the MEAP-enabled MFP's.


What is a Multi-functional Peripheral Device (MFP)?

A multi-functional peripheral device (MFP) is a networked device that prints, copies, scans and faxes. In addition, Canon MFP's have "mailboxes" on the device in which users can store document images.


What Platform is MEAP?

MEAP runs on JAVA J2ME by Sun Microsystems.


What devices are MEAP-enabled?

The first launch of MEAP-enabled products encompassed a range of 4 models, the iR2220i, iR3320i, iR5020i and iR6020i.

Check with an Authorized Canon dealer to see which models are MEAP enabled.


What if I simply don't want MEAP on my device?

Without the MEAP applications the embedded JAVA platform is invisible to the user, and does not impact in any way on the functionality of the device. However, should you decide in the future you would like to install a MEAP application or maybe even customise areas of the device to your business, this can be done even once you have the devices in place on your network.


What are the benefits of MEAP?

There are a number of key benefits of MEAP that will provide real added value to your business:

Integration - Because the software applications will be developed specifically for MEAP they will be designed to integrate seamlessly into the core functions of the Canon device.


Cost Saving - Previously companies have had to purchase separate PC, Servers and/or peripheral hardware to run software applications. Because the MEAP software applications are designed to be installed directly onto the embedded JAVA platform that is core to the MEAP technology, this eliminates the need for costly external hardware.


Customisation - Applications can be developed to enhance business workflow within your industry, or specifically designed to fit the needs of your company. Thus MEAP allows the potential for the Canon device to be customised to fit your business. The MEAP device really can be 'anything you want it to be'.


Future Proofing - The JAVA platform brings a level of flexibility to your MAP not seen before. This means that if your business and workflow changes in the future you can simply change your device through the addition of MEAP applications to meet your new needs.

How many MEAP applications can be installed on one iR device?

There is a maximum of 20 applications that can be installed, however only 9 can have user interface content.


Can external devices be connected to a MEAP device and controlled via a MEAP application?

Yes, via a USB (Universal Serial Bus) interface option.


How are MEAP applications developed?

A MEAP developer codes and compiles a MEAP application (translates the JAVA code into byte code) using any JAVA development tool. The compiled applications is then installed on the MEAP device using an installation tool provided with the MEAP platform. 


What can a MEAP application do?

MEAP applications can do many things including, but not limited to, the following;

Control device functions (print, copy, scan, fax, mailboxes)

Get/set device settings

Display a user interface on the device console

Control device hard key

Display a user interface on a remote web browser

Networking functions

Data encryption

MEAP has the potential to be anything you want it to be and Canon has the technology to incorporate all types of diverse applications.


Can an existing device be MEAP enabled?

Unfortunately, existing devices cannot be retrofitted with MEAP.
Canon's new devices are 'no longer just copiers'. Is Canon turning its back on our traditional core business?